Aitor 03/18/2019

You have, no doubt, noticed that the last year was filled with the updated cookie policies. Portals like 9gag, Reddit, and others have frequently joked about the annoyance regular users felt every time they visited their favorite website after a while. The truth is that the updated cookie policy is the result of GDPR. GDPR […]

Aitor 02/15/2019

VR games are truly awesome and they are only getting better as time goes by. From simple movies and animations to amazing performances and creations, virtual reality has been a great source of entertainment. Whether you are chatting with people with a weird looking avatar or riding a rollercoaster, VR games transport you into an […]

admin 01/23/2019

Should there be and can there be a connection between video games and learning? Computer games have been classified as entertainment, but they offer a few brain-training qualities. Can a game really be used as an educational tool? Type of Game In order for a game to have any kind of merit in terms of […]